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Red Jasper--Opening and Balancing First Chakra

Red Jasper is a highly protective stone, invites you to keep your focus and strength regardless of whatever task you are doing, especially during times of stress. For those who feel as though their mind and energy can flit out of focus, Red Jasper can bring you back. Wearing or carrying the red jasper stone can help to restore the balance of the root chakra.

Carnelian Crystal--Opening and Balancing Second Chakra

Carnelian crystal is the ultimate Sacral chakra stone for its fiery orange energy. The inspiring stone opens you to the infinite world of creative passion. As the Stone of Creativity, Motivation, Endurance, Leadership and Courage, Carnelian supports you in whatever artistic or business ventures you want to pursue.

Tigers Eye--Opening and Balancing Third Chakra

This stone comes with plenty of emotional healing properties and helps the wearer to stay strong, centered and connected to their core regardless of the chaos that surrounds them. Wearing or carrying the chakra Tigers Eye stone can help to restore the balance of the sacral chakra.

Green Aventurine--Opening and Balancing Fourth Chakra

Wearing or carrying the Green Aventurine stone can help to restore the balance of the heart chakra. The Green Aventurine is one of the best healers in the gemstone family.

Turquoise--Opening and Balancing Fifth Chakra

Turquoise is a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere. Turquoise balances and aligns the Throat Chakra, stabilising mood swings and instilling inner calm. It is excellent for depression and exhaustion, it also has the power to prevent panic attacks. Turquoise promotes self-realisation and assists creative problem solving. It is a symbol of friendship, and stimulates romantic love.

Lapis lazuli--Opening and Balancing Sixth Chakra

Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and the intuitive senses when used with conscious intent. Lapis Lazuli will open your psychic abilities and guide you on your spiritual journey which also stimulates your spiritual and personal power. It quickly releases stress and brings a sense of deep calm and peace.

Amethyst--Opening and Balancing Seven Chakra

Amethyst is a purple-hued quartz stone that's durable, beautiful, and full of beneficial energy, works to bring tranquility to your mind and your crown chakra so you can focus on healing any blockages that are holding you back from experiencing bliss.

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