Ice Roller for Face & Eye Puffiness Relief. Improved wrinkles

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Our ice roller for face and eye helps to improve dry skin, prevents wrinkles & give face care to you. It has a quality to shrink pores, reduce pimples, remove fine lines and lubricate the skin with glow and brightness. Face ice roller is appropriate and effective in daily use. Roll it for quick and instant relief from muscular pain, tension or minor injury. Contour cube is a perfect option on birthday gifts for women, Black Friday deals.

“A Woman’s Greatest Asset is in Her Beauty”

How Cold Therapy works? It works by reducing blood flow to a particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, With the regular use of contour cube ice facial roller you can get new clear skin.

NEW Leaked Proof Slot Design ice roller for face has extra space to collect melting water from ice face mold. If you have adequate amount of sleep and prominent dark circles with eye bags then our cold face roller works for you as face skin care, moreover it’s a good addition in your skin care tools. Cold therapy calms the skin, relieves the muscular pain and this ice face roller will make you feel better.

Facial ice roller can be used with unique recipes according to your skin type i-e you can use cucumber water, coconut milk, rose water, aloe vera. It is perfectly made for your skin care set. Our face ice mold can contour your cheek bones and jawline. Moreover, ice mold for face is miracle for sinus headaches and migraine pain, once you start massage with ice roller, it instantly relieves pressure and pain.

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