Heart Shaped Natural Labradorite Palm Stone Healing Gemstone Mineral Reiki Chakra Crystal Polished Pocket Stone

Lucky Pearls

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  • It is normal for natural stones to have ice cracks, dark lines, druzy and cloudy. These are also the natural beauty of raw stones that nature gives. Because every crystal wand you receive is unique.
  • We make sure every piece of labradorite has glorious under sunshine. (part. not full flash)
  • Healing properties of labradorite: It quickly alleviates you from anxiety, blue funk. And reimburses it with a ray of hope and inspirations. It empowers your confidence and raises your morals. It expels all the abrogating thoughts and adorns your dexterity to have a clarion understanding by espousing the pellucidity of thoughts. It also enhances your dexterity to have a mutual understanding and to cooperate with other fellow beings with amity.

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