[Magic Crystal] Mixed Tumbled Crystal Stone with Wooden Tray

Lucky Pearls

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This Mixed Tumbled Crystal Stone with Tray is a perfect addition to your crystal collection. Each stone is natural and has its unique beauty and energy.

  • Natural Crystal: These semi-finished natural crystals are carefully tumbled to create a smooth surface while retaining their vibrant colours.
  • Variety: This mix includes various types of crystals, such as amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and more.
  • Wooden Tray: The mix comes with a wooden tray that provides an elegant display for your crystals while keeping them organized.

This Mixed Tumbled Crystal Stone with Tray is perfect for crystal healing practitioners or anyone who loves the beauty of crystals. The natural energy of these stones can help promote relaxation, peace of mind and positive energy in your space.

Add this beautiful mix to your collection today!

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  • Business address: California, United States

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