14 Pcs Set Pointed Quartz Crystal Chakra Healing Stones

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• 14pcs Pointed Quartz Crystal Chakra Healing Stones :This set includes 14 different pointed quartz crystal stones that can be used for chakra healing and meditation.

• Hexagon Rose Quartz Gems :The hexagon shape of the rose quartz gems adds a unique touch to the set and makes it stand out from other crystal sets.

• Perfect for Bedroom Decor :The set is not only great for chakra healing but also for bedroom decor, adding a calming and soothing ambiance to your sleeping space.

• Fashionable and Trendy :The set is not only functional but also fashionable and trendy, making it a great gift for anyone interested in crystals and alternative healing.

14pcs Pointed Quartz Crystal,Chakra Healing Stones And Crystals Set,Hexagon Rose Quartz Gems For Meditation Bedroom Decor,Unique Gift Box Design

Including gemstones:

Lapis Lazuli, Red Jasper, Clear quartz

Product size:





1)Made of natural mixed ore and after grinding shows what you see in the pictures.
2)Natural crystal stone mini specimen containing a variety of crystal stones.
3)Teach you to know the colorful world of natural crystal.
4)Cultivate child are interested in Geology to broaden their horizons and grow the intellectual.
5)Also can be the Geological teaching materials for students.
Macro photography shot,please make sure you understand the real size of this item before ordering.
Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration because the different light condition and display moniter.

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